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  • Services at multi cuisine restaurant and lounge bar exclusively for members and their guests. Guest charges apply. Guests of a member can avail the services if the member/member’s spouse accompanies the guests.
  • Table Tennis, Billiards and outdoor Badminton free of cost for members. Swimming, Lawn Tennis, Gym and Skating are chargeable at discounted rates.
  • Members can book the banquets at a discounted rate.
  • There are two private dining rooms and one private bar room available to the members. Advance booking required.
  • Unmarried dependent children below 25 years of age of the members are eligible for add on membership cards on request. Validity of an add on card will expire when the child attains 25 years of age or gets married or no more remains dependent.
  • Children above 25 years of age of a member is eligible to get life membership of the Club on payment of a nominal life membership fee.

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